Mosaics are a great way to fuel fan engagement and reveal exclusive content such as album covers. The natural inclination is to reveal the album tile by tile as fans share the message, but regardless of the size of an artist’s fan base, this approach doesn’t work very well for a number of reasons:

  • Fans prefer immediate gratification, not a future “pay off”
  • Without enough fans or momentum, the process can take weeks, or worse, lose steam entirely

The MYCHILD MYBRIDE Mosaic demonstrates a slightly better approach: Give fans the immediate gratification of revealing the cover, but require them to share first in order to see it.  This appoach of share-gating the album cover (or other exclusive content) and combining it with a fan-generated mosaic (tied to a hashtag), may prove more effective and a better return on investement (ROI).

Initial Welcome “Share-Gate” Screen:
Dynamic “preview” prompts fans to share a message on Facebook or Twitter in order to reveal the album cover.

Fan-Generated Album Cover Mosaic
Enables fan to become a part of the album cover reveal experience as well as to view the cover (or download the cover or mosaic).

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