Our Mosaic platform is about the art of creating cool composite images by assembling the Twitter or Facebook avatars of your social media fans and followers. This interactive mosaic is a virtual canvas that is painted with continually changing images created automatically (by searching on a Twitter hashtag) or manually (by requiring users to add themselves to the Mosaic).

Here are some innovative applications of this new technology:

  • Fan appreciation mosaics that allow fans to become a part of the album cover or photos to celebrate events such as album releases or other milestones. See Example..
  • Album Reveals mosaics that incorporate mosaics as part of an album cover reveal. See Example..
  • Scavenger hunt mosaics where fans try to find hidden clues or exclusive content within the mosaic. See Example..

Advanced features include:

  • Comprehensive sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks (Pinterest, Flickr, MySpace, i.e.)
  • Add me and find me via Facebook and Twitter (optional support for other social networks)
  • Multiple tile resolution and caching support
  • Support for audio, video and images (scavenger hunt)
  • Optional high resolution output (for printing)
  • IFRAME and Mobile support
  • Support for sharing individual tiles and multiple image support
  • Sharing mosaic on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Email, MySpace and Pinterest

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