We recently deployed hashtag-driven Twitter campaign for THQ and UFC (you can preview it here) that asked fans a question each day (for 14 days) and allowed them to answer the question for a chance to win daily prizes. The concept is very similar to that of a scavenger hunt, and in fact, this same application can be used for that purpose.

The #UFC3YourMove campaign was designed to promote the launch of the latest UFC3 video game by creating buzz and fan interaction on Twitter. Built on our flexible Tweematic platform, this Question/Answer application created a “center” for the promotion (something lacking in many Twitter-based hashtag contests). The application also automated the posting of answers and aggregated/displayed responses in a live feed tab.  Fans using the application would also automatically follow THQ and UFC and would be encouraged to change their Twitter avatar using the application.

The application also scheduled and automated the delivery of each daily question and updated prize information to reflect the correct day. It allowed THQ administrators to select winners by the click of a button and automated the display of previous winners and past questions.  Other features included

  • live feed, list of previous winners, favorite responses and previous questions tabs
  • the ability to like or favorite a response
  • comprehensive sharing to Twitter, Facebook directly or using the AddThis widget
  • administrative features that allowed admins to delete posts or select winners
  • administration console for reviewing the schedule (question/prizes, i.e.), viewing high level stats, and performing other administrative tasks
  • tracking and reporting of key stats (plus integration with Google analytics)


Banner Promoting the Campaign:
Promotional banner from the UndisputedUFC site