We have done several “instant win” Tweematics in the past. They are a bit more complicated to do because they have to comply with State and Federal sweepstakes rules and require a secure prize tracking engine that eliminates fraud and tracks prizes and compliance.

A recent Tweematic we deployed for Epic Record and Base Loaded Record artist Cash Out, however, has a number of cool and unique features (some visible and others behind the scene) worth looking at. These include:

  • Our new “Scratch and Win” control that simulates the lotto-type “scratchers”. The control can be fully customized and factors such as % scratched area can all be controlled.
  • Instant daily prizes (MP3 download) that integrate our secure music delivery engine with the “Scratch and Win” control. The engine has daily maximums that cannot be exceeded. Optionally unused prizes can roll over to the next day.
  • Regular sweepstakes component (activated only AFTER you try the “Scratch and Win”).
  • Support and compliance with Sony COPPA universal cookie infrastructure (try entering an age < 13 years old and see what happens – WARNING: you won’t be able to view this promotion again when you do)
  • Third party integration including: SoundCloud, Amazon S3 and Google Analytics

Check out the promotion for yourself at: http://www.tweematic.com/cashout/

Also see: “Spin The Wheel” Instant Prizes Widget