The Tweematic platform is really about growing your fan base on Twitter! Campaigns and promotions where users interact with your brand on Twitter is an excellent way to spur conversations, mentions, tweets, and re-tweets. More importantly, when users interact with Tweematic applications, they are encouraged or required to follow your brand, which is key to growing a strong follower base.

At a high level, Tweematic applications can require or encourage users to:

  • Share a message on Twitter (or Facebook)
  • Share a message directly with another user or friend
  • Follow your brand on Twitter
  • Follow other Twitter accounts (such as the sponsor, label, or partners)
  • Change your Twitter avatar (either by overlaying a graphic, or replacing it with an image or animated gif)

Optional features and capabilities also available to Tweematic applications include:

  • Ability to collect emails, birthdays and zip codes
  • Mutli-language or multi-region support as well as localized versions of the application
  • Ability to create support multiple partners, each with its own co-branded Tweematic application
  • Custom integration with other SSO-platforms or APIs including Janrain, Foursquare, and others
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities (integration with Google Analytics, Overture and other analytics systems)

Here is a short list of the types of Tweematic application available to clients to help them grow their presence on Twitter and Facebook: