The Tweematic platform supports a broad range of Album Listening Party application. The idea is simple: Fans get to stream an artist’s album if they provide their email address, share a message, or both. Our album listening party application provides options that include gating via email, Twitter and Facebook (including more complicated options such as listening to 3 tracks if you share your email address, and then the entire album when you share on Facebook or Twitter). We also offer Like-gating (Facebook) and various Share-Gating (Facebook, Twitter) options. Music is streamed securely from Amazon S3, Akamai SteamOS, SoundCloud, THE PLATFORM and other sources – we can run it off our systems or your systems.  Here are a couple of examples:

Icon for Hire (Tooth and Nail)


KJ-52 (Tooth and Nail)View/Listen


Sent by Ravens (Tooth and Nail) – View/Listen