The Tweematic platform is an extremely flexible marketing platform for a broad range of industries including retail. Our Tweet4Coupon application allows both small and large retailers to drive online viral marketing activity by giving potential customers discounts on their products or services in return for them marketing to their friends. Here is how it works: A user shares a message (about the offer) on Twitter or Facebook. The message goes out to all of their friends or followers. In return, they receive a coupon or coupon code they can use on or offline for a discount on the product or service being offered.

The Tweet4Coupon family of applications, build on the Tweematic platform, have the following features and functionality:

  • Support for Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Optional QR Code support (allows fans to scan a QR Code in order to get a discount)
  • Support for multiple branches or locations (each with its own unique url)
  • Ability to dynamically generate unique discount codes
  • Discount code verification and tracking service (for merchants)
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities

Here is a recent example: