Lyric videos have become a popular and inexpensive way for labels to create “video content” in the abscenese of an offical music video. The Tweematic Lyrics Engine builds on this by allowing fans to combine their tweets with lyrics to create custom Twitter Videos or Twideos.

Here are some examples and application details:

P.Diddy: “Coming Home” (View..)
Tweematic combines user’s last 10 tweets with the song’s lyrics to create a custom dynamic Twitter Video. Has support for minimizing (hiding) panel and the ability to turn off/on audio.


Matthew West: “Song Enough” (View..)
Combines user generated content to create a custom Twideo (Twitter Video). Like previous version, has itunes and Amazon call to action. Like other Tweematic supports auto-following the artist when you tweet.


Los Tigres Del Norte (View..)
Spanish language Twitter Video demonstrates multi-language capabilities of the platform


Neon Trees: “1983” (View..)
Used to promote the release of their new single: 1983. Combined users last 10 tweets with lyrics to create a custom Twideo.


Steve Holy: “Love Don’t Run” (View..)
Country music example that allows fans to interact by sharing reasons why “Love Don’t Run”. Also combines a sweepstakes element with the Twitter Lyrics engine. It is also possible to output the Twideo direct to video, suitable for upload to YouTube or Vimeo (See Example).