Metablock’s Tweematic platform provides an extremely powerful, flexible, scalable and comprehensive solution for both Twitter and Facebook marketing. Its ability to share-gate content, along with other advanced features such as the ability to share custom messages on Twitter or Facebook, its ability to force users to follow one or more twitter accounts, its ability to collect COPPA and ESRB compliant data, are among the many features that make Tweematic platform the ideal solution for deploying sweepstakes, contests, listening parties, scavenger hunts, exclusive content reveals and downloads, as well as other marketing promotions.

Here are some unique Tweematic implementations worth taking a look at that demonstrate the flexibility of the platform and may give you some great ideas for your next Twitter or Facebook-based marketing promotion.

Multi-Artist, Multi-Purpose Tweematics
Tweematics has been used many times in the past for “Get Out the Vote” campaigns for music awards such as the ACM Music Awards, CMT Music Awards and many others.  Usually these campaigns center around one artist. This 2011 CMT Award Tweematic we developed for Big Machine leverages the Tweematic platform by promoting their entire roster of award nominated artists. The promotion encouraged fans to vote and share a marketing message in order to download a track from their favorite artist. The promotion limit the download to only one track per user (regardless of how many times they voted or shared), and tracked voting, sharing and the number of specific song downloads.


Multi-Application Tweematics
Tweematics can be combined with other engines and applications such as the unique link generator, as well as mosaic, shapematic (collage), and lyrics engines.  The Taylor Swift promotion we deployed for the ACM 2010 awards is a perfect example. Having multiple (but complementary) components as part of a marketing campaign can help improve its overall effectiveness.


Content-Drive Sharing Messages
The Tweematic platform let’s users and content drive the marketing message. This Interscope album giveaway allows users to pick an album from a rotating carousel and tweet it as a their favorite album of the year, in order to enter for a chance to win the grand prize.


This Sade promotion, selects users pick and share their favorite Sade song in order to participate in a sweepstakes


This Record Store Day promotion lets you do the same thing with an album.

Leveraging Multiple Social Networks in Tweematics
Encouraging fans to interact with multiple social networks makes a lot of marketing sense and helps improve the overall effectiveness of a campaign. This Tweematic for HelloSomeBody guides users to like 3 different artists, share a message on their favorite social network, and checkout tour dates from the tour.


A recent promotion we did for EMI CMG artist Britt Nicole combines a Tweematic (with Twitter and Facebook support), Facebook comments, Facebook “Like” buttons, as well as a YouTube video (from VEVO) and comprehensive sharing on other social networks.


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Co-Branded Tweematic
The Tweematic platform has built-in support forco-branded (sponsor driven) campaigns.  This allows clients to leverage partners such as radio stations or blogs to help promote their marketing campaigns.



Co-branded Tweematics come with a partner dashboard that allows partners to get a unique link to their own co-branded Tweematic (see example). When a user shares a co-branded Tweematic, they follow that specific partner, all the traffic their shared message generates is routed back to that specific co-branded Tweematic. This gives partners a big incentive to promote it, since they know that all the traffic their co-branded Tweematic generates benefits them directly.

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Avatar-Takeover Tweematics
A little known fact about the Tweematic platform is that it allows fans to change or manipulate their Twitter avatars as part of the sharing process. This avatar takeover feature allows you as the marketer to encourage (or require) fans to change their entire Twitter avatar to a badge (as in the Nirvana example below) or an album cover as part of a marketing promotion.


It is also possible to place over a image (such as text or a logo) over a user’s avatar, apply a graphic effect (such a greyscale, i.e.) or even create an animated GIF with your marketing message.


Here are some Twitter avatar examples:

F3b Radioactive_Gif_reasonably_small C5 2-73 Wtt_avatar Avatar_reik1 Red Bme

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Sharing Photos on Twitter
The Tweematic platform allows you to share both marketing messages and photos on Twitter and Facebook. A recent campaign we just deployed for Slaugtherhouse (Name the Pig), uses a widget as the front-end to this unique Tweematic.


Users enter the name of the Slaughterhouse Pig and then click the Tweet or Share buttons. The message and photo is then publish to either Twitter or Facebook (see below).



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