We have deploying a number of hashtag-driven Twitter Q+A campaigns in the past for THQ game franchises UFC and WWF. The Q+A application asks fans to answer or respond to a question each day and enter for a chance to win daily or weekly prizes. The concept is very similar to that of a scavenger hunt, and in fact, this same application can be used for that purpose.  It is also the same engine behind The Wanted Jukebox application.

We deployed a similar application for Epic Records (Sony) artist Future. It asked fans to tweet what they were doing at the #SameDamnTime to promote his single of the same name.


Application features included:

  • support for both Twitter and Facebook
  • live feed, list of previous winners, favorite responses and previous questions tabs
  • the ability to like or favorite a response
  • comprehensive sharing to Twitter, Facebook or other social networks
  • administrative features that allowed admins to delete posts or select winners
  • administration console for reviewing the schedule (question/prizes, i.e.), viewing high level stats, and performing other administrative tasks