The Tweematic platform has built-in support for co-branded (sponsor driven) campaigns.  This allows clients to leverage partners such as radio stations or blogs to help promote their Tweematic marketing campaigns.


Each co-branded Tweematic campaign has the following added features:

  • Unique link that partners can use to share and promote their campaigns (,, i.e.)
  • Branded page with the partner’s name and logo (or banner) (see examples below)
  • Custom sharing message and sharing URL for each partner
  • Per partner tracking
  • Partner marketing dashboard were partners can get their unique link, banner ads and other marketing tools (see examples below)
  • Support for users to follow primary sponsor, artist and specific co-brand partner on Twitter
  • Facebook (like) integration and support (see Sony Nashville examples below)
  • Other custom partner specific links and information


See examples (KISS FM, Hot 100.5, Q102)


See examples (KFROG, Opry)

As previously mentioned, co-branded Tweematics come with a partner dashboard that allows partners to get a unique link to their own co-branded Tweematic (see example). The dashboard can include other marketing tools such as banners, ads and even statistics.


See examples (Jason Derulo, Radio #2)

When a user shares a co-branded Tweematic, they follow that specific partner, all the traffic their shared message generates is routed back to that specific co-branded Tweematic. This gives partners a big incentive to promote it, since they know that all the traffic their co-branded Tweematic generates benefits them directly. This makes the benefits of co-branded Tweematics obvious:

  • The ability to reach a larger audience by leverage partners
  • Ability to cut your marketing cost by sharing it among partners or sponsors
  • Built-in incentive for partners to aggressively promote your campaign since there is no “double-dipping”
  • Tracking and analytics on each partners performance helps you improve on future marketing campaigns
  • Low complexity and cost as all unique links and logos are automatically generated and managed by the Tweematic platform
  • Once you have established a database of partner and partner logos, enjoy cost-savings on future co-branded Tweematic campaigns
  • Idea solution for communication companies that own multiple radio stations or franchisors to provide a marketing solution for their “marketing constituents”