A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the launch of our shapematic engine. The shapematic engine allows marketers to create unique shapes, text and pictures using Twitter avatars and hashtags. This new application is very similar to our mosaic engine can be used in a “standalone” fashion or can be used in conjunction with our Tweematic platform to deploy unique, hashtag driven campaigns in combination with sweepstakes, premium content downloads and reveals and other marketing applications. Here are some examples of the shapematic generated to demonstrate its capabilities, or you an test out a real example here.

Heart Collage:

Screen-heart copy
One Direction Logo Collage:
Screen-onedirection copy

Twitter Collage:

Screen-twitter copy

Pinterest Collage:
Screen-pinterest copy
Nine Inch Nails Logo Collage

Screen-nin copy
MTV Collage:
Screen-mtv copy
Underoath Logo Examples: