The Tweematic platform allows fans to change or manipulate their Twitter avatars as part of the sharing process. This allows you as the marketer to encourage (or require) fans to change their Twitter avatar (you can overlay a graphic or transform it into a badge or  album cover) as part of a marketing promotion. This feature provides an easy and powerful way to promote awareness of your artist, brand or cause on Twitter. By changing a fan’s avatar and transforming it into a “marketing statement”, the Tweematic platform allows you to make a visual, impactful online statement.

It is also possible to overlay an image (such as text or a logo) on a user’s avatar, apply a graphic effect (such a greyscale, i.e.) or even create an animated GIF with your marketing message (see examples below).


Here are some Twitter avatar examples from past campaigns:

F3b Radioactive_Gif_reasonably_small C5 2-73 Wtt_avatar Avatar_reik1 Red Bme
Kill Stamp Avatar_reik2 Nirvana Mb4 Nho2 Stamp3 Avatar73

Here are some other example of different avatar takeovers we have powered.

Eminem v4A_600