One of our most popular offerings is our Tweematic platform that allows music artists and label to deploy a broad range of marketing campaigns, but because of its price, the Tweematic platform isn’t for everyone, especially smaller artists or artist whose social media stats are low. This is unfortunate because, when used correctly over the long haul, the Tweematic platform is one of the best and surest ways for an artist to grow their social media numbers – welcome the multi-use evergreen Tweematic. Design with smaller artist in mind, the idea of the multi-use Tweematic is simple: Invest in a Tweematic, but reuse the same Tweematic for all of your exclusive content reveals or marketing promotions. The result in an initial reasonable investment, low content “reload” fees, and an excellent ROI (return on investment) in the long term, as you streadily grow your social media numbers on both Facebook and Twitter. 

This unique Tweematic offering is built on the notion or reusing the same template, but changing the message and content with each use.  The multi-use Tweematic support the following marketing promotions: 

  • Album cover reveals
  • Exclusive video reveals
  • Song reveals (Soundcloud or streaming)
  • Music downloads
  • Simple contests and sweeptakes

The idea is an artist, management or music label uses one of these for the life-cycle of the album (keeping the template the same). Here are some examples of a multi-use Tweematic in action:

Entry Screen Example: Common template, support or Facebook and Twitter


Thank You Page: Album Reveal Example


Thank You Page: Song Download


Thank You Page: Exclusive Song Stream


Thank You Page: Exclusive Video Reveal