Sometimes you built an app you are truely proud of, this is definately the case with Album Cover reveal applications we deployed today for the Killers. Design-wise very much driven by their label and the band itself, this very simple but interactive application gives fans 4 simple steps to unlock and reveal their new album cover.  These include 1) Sharing it on your Facebook wall, 2) Sending it to a friend, 3) Tweeting about it and 4) Watching a YouTube video, this application should be required reading for both its simplicity and comprehensiveness.

You can check out the application on the Killers Facebook page or this on this demo page.

Built on our general Facebook platform, this application supports other steps/tasks including:

  • Like-gating (You have too like the page to unlock a “tile”/piece of the album)
  • Listening to a Soundcloud song, Vimeo movie or other rich media
  • Sharing your email address to unlock a “tile”