We recently launched an offline scavenger hunt application for WBR Nashville artist Hunter Hayes (http://www.hunterhayes.com/hhroadrace/) that features a map-driven event unlocking mechanism in combination with an Arktan feed, plus other bells and whistles. We do a lot of virtual (online) scavenger hunt application, but offline applications are a lot more ambitious (and difficult to pull off).  Its also a great example of one of our WIP (work in progress) projects. More often than not these days, we are asked to “launch and build” campaigns were client with aggressive deadlines need to launch something in a short period of time, but continue building out the project over time, so stay tuned for additional features and functionality. Update 4/1/2013: See case study…

This is the the main screen of the application (built on our Tweematic platform). The promotion focuses on over 50 tour stops. At each stop, a piano key is hidden in a secret location. On the day of the event, fans can unlock 3 stages to get to a clue on where to find the hidden key. Once the find the hidden key, they get the grand prize for that location (meet and greet with Hunter Hayes backstage).


This is the event specific screen. There is one page for each event. Prior to the even, the stages are locked, but at 4pm on the day of the event, they are enabled, allowing fans to unlock them to find the clue. A map provides additional context for the scavenger hunt. The Artkan feed provides social media context and conversation for the campaign.


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