We have covered out Mosaic engine extensively in the past, but here is a useful recap of features, functionality and applications of this unique Tweematic option.


  • General fan-driven mosaics
    Mosaic can be used for general “join the mosaic” fan-driven campaigns. These can be designed around promoting a new album, celebrating a fan-driven metric (# of followers, likes).
  • Band Appreciation
    A unique application that involves creating mosaics to honor the band or to create digital keep stake for fans.
  • Scavenger hunts
    Involves hiding music, video, photos and other content within the mosaic and having fans search for the “needles”. Once they are done, fans can be entered into a sweepstakes or given a badge.
  • Album reveals
    Simple way for fans to reveal and become a part of the album cover artwork.
  • Sweepstakes
    Common application of the mosaics involves incorporating them as part of a sweepstakes promotion.
  • Mosaic Posters
    Special versions of the mosaic engine are capable of outputting large format images suitable for creating posters that can be used as fan or band giveaways.
  • Album Unlock
    Fan activity such as Tweeting or sharing unlocks individual pixels.
  • User Submitted Content
    Mosaic created using images submitted by users.

Features and Functionality:

  • Resolution: Support for 3 different resolution (allows you to decide granularity)
  • Social Networks: Twitter and Facebook support
  • Mobile: Basic mobile support
  • Output: Image download, mosaic download, mosaic sharing, high-resolution output (suitable for print)
  • Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Flickr, Pinterest and others
  • Hosting: Microsite, IFRAME, Facebook application
  • Find Me: Twitter and Facebook, includes ability to share individual tiles
  • Content: Ability to embed content (Music, Video, Photos, Text) in mosaic pixels
  • Music Support: Yes (in background or hidden in pixel)

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