We have covered out Mosaic engine extensively in the past, but here is a useful recap of features, functionality and applications of this unique Tweematic option.


  • General fan-driven mosaics
    Mosaic can be used for general “join the mosaic” fan-driven campaigns. These can be designed around promoting a new album, celebrating a fan-driven metric (# of followers, likes).
  • Band Appreciation
    A unique application that involves creating mosaics to honor the band or to create digital keep stake for fans.
  • Scavenger hunts
    Involves hiding music, video, photos and other content within the mosaic and having fans search for the “needles”. Once they are done, fans can be entered into a sweepstakes or given a badge.
  • Album reveals
    Simple way for fans to reveal and become a part of the album cover artwork.
  • Sweepstakes
    Common application of the mosaics involves incorporating them as part of a sweepstakes promotion.
  • Mosaic Posters
    Special versions of the mosaic engine are capable of outputting large format images suitable for creating posters that can be used as fan or band giveaways.
  • Album Unlock
    Fan activity such as Tweeting or sharing unlocks individual pixels.
  • User Submitted Content
    Mosaic created using images submitted by users.
  • Other Integration Options

Features and Functionality:

  • Resolution: Support for 3 different resolution (allows you to decide granularity)
  • Social Networks: Twitter and Facebook support
  • Mobile: Basic mobile support
  • Output: Image download, mosaic download, mosaic sharing, high-resolution output (suitable for print)
  • Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Flickr, Pinterest and others
  • Hosting: Microsite, IFRAME, Facebook application
  • Find Me: Twitter and Facebook, includes ability to share individual tiles
  • Content: Ability to embed content (Music, Video, Photos, Text) in mosaic pixels
  • Music Support: Yes (in background or hidden in pixel)

Support for 3 different resolution. Select high, medium or low resolution depending on your designed effect.

Social Networks
Support for both Facebook and Twitter (custom support possible for Instagram and Youtube)

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, the mosaic can share mosaic (photos) on a range of other networks including Flickr, Email and Pinterest.
The mosaic or image can also be download (optional)

Find Me
Allows you to locate your avatar and message on Facebook or Twitter.

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