We recently launched a promotion for the Lady Gaga “Born This Way” Ball (Monster Ball) that reflects the flexibility of the Tweematic platform. Our sweepstakes and promotional applications on the Tweematic platform easily support photo uploads and integration (see Little Big Town example below). The idea is simple, fans can upload a photo that either gets posted with their message and/or gets featured in a photo gallery that is part of the application. The gallery can also be hosted seperately (as in the case of LBT) and used as part of a sweepstakes or contest. We also provide back-end solution that allow clients to manage, moderate and judge photos generated by our front-end applications.

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tweematic
User are invited (but not required) to upload photos of what they plan to wear to the Monster Ball. Photos are not required but are featured in the photo gallery.


Little Big Town
Photo contest that allowed fans to upload a photo and the #ReasonWhy you uploaded it for a chance to win great prizes.


GMAC Pinterest Contest
This is a good example of back-end photo management and moderation solution for GMAT, one of our clients (see more).