According to Monetate, consumers spend upwards of $17 billion annually on Valentine’s Day gifts, a fifth of that online. Its also a great time for you to gain awareness with fans and users (and perhaps sell some music). Here is the first in our series of both old and new Valentine’s Day social media campaign ideas.

Tried and true ideas that always work

  • Valentine’s Day Ecards (See examples…)
  • Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth (See examples…)
  • Virtual Valentine’s Day Gift (Digital flowers, Kisses,..)
  • Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes (just for the day) –  winner gets a signed valentine’s card (or call) from the artist
  • Valentine’s Day free song giveaway (or discount)

Some new ideas we have this year

  • Use our Shapematic platform to create heart made up of fans who tweet with a certain hashtag (see below)
  • Use our Mosaic platform to create a mosaic (with a heart shape as part of the image) that fans can be a part of the mosaic (see example)
  • Have fans tweet “love notes” (using our Tweematic) with a hashtab (#LoveBieber) and artist will read the best ones aloud (on Video)
  • Use our Augmented Reality (AR) engine (see demo) were fans hold a printout/logo in front of a webcam to see a special video message from the artist
  • Host a video contest, where fans record short snippets telling why the LOVE the artist. The best (or random) submission gets a valentine’s card or call from the artist

Other Valentines Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day Promotion Examples:

Shapematic/Twitter Examples:

Valentines Pseduo Mosaic


One Direction Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth:

Valentine’s E-Cards (Tweematic, Social and Email)