A new and improved Hunter Hayes Road Race is back! You may remember last year we launched the first season of the hugely popular (and successful) scavenger hunt for country music artist Hunter Hayes. Because of its success, Warner Music Nashville decided to continue the scavenger hunt and the new season got under way earlier this week.


Re-use, Re-use, Re-use

  • The secret to success when it comes to getting a good return on your investment (ROI) is re-use. Building a “Taj Mahal” is fun and eye-catching but can be expensive. The secret to making it affordable and effective is re-use over the long term. The Hunter Hayes Road Race application has already successfully (and automatically) managed over 50 scavenger hunts (without incident) last year, and this seasons it will power over 40 scavenger hunt events (that coincide with Hunter’s tour schedule).  Divide that (90 events) by the overall cost, and you have a great return on investment.

Make It Viral

  • One of the beautiful things about the scavenger application we created for Hunter is that in order to participate and unlock the clue, you have to spread social media love. Fans perform 3 marketing tasks including 1) sharing a message on Twitter, 2) sharing a message on Facebook and 3) subscribing to his newsletter. So essentially, the promotion markets itself via social media. As fans use the application, they notifies their friends, who too get pulled in, and the viral cycle continues.

Promote, Market, Engage

  • Part of the key to the HH Road Race’s success is the aggressive marketing effort that Hunter’s social media team engages in almost on a daily basis on both Twitter and Facebook. Hours and minutes before each event, the teams starts promoting the hunt, engaging and interacting with fans. Below is an example of what a engagement typically looks like:

Press Doesn’t Hunt

Consistency Pays Off

  • The HH Road Race is about the long haul! It happens at every tour stop, come rain or sunshine. So almost every other day, fans across the nation KNOW the race is on! They KNOW what it’s all about, the KNOW how it works, and they are ready for it! This is one of the most important keys to its success. It’s not a one-off or a two-off. It’s not HERE but not THERE –  it’s EVERYWHERE Hunter goes and over time has become a part of the Hunter Hayes fan culture. This type of long term social media marketing approach brings together and leverages all of the other parts of its success to create a lasting social media legacy for Hunter!

Make It Real and Celebrate Your Fans

  • The HH Road is about creating real-word, real-live experiences for music fans.  It let’s fans interact with music artist they love via social media, and if they are a lucky winner in real-life. One of the reasons we came up the idea of adding a “Winner’s Circle” to the application was the desire to visualize and make real this important component of the scavenger hunt.  The notion of creating a “Feedback Loop” that allows fans to see and want to become a part of the the scavenger hunt is just as important as the mechanics of the game itself.