We recently launched a “scavenger hunt mosaic” for Sony Music Nashville Artist Brad Paisley. Build on our innovate Mosaic platform, the #Wheelhouse promotion allows fans to add themselves to Twitter and Facebook powered Mosaic (that also services as the splash page for his website) and unlock exclusive content hidden within the Mosaic. One of the features of the platform is the ability to control the resolution of the mosaic (see examples below, ranging from R4 to R1). A hi-resolution mosaic can have as many 1,000,000 avatars as  so finding clues can be a bit difficult to say the least (but is a great way to get fans to spend 30 minutes listening to your artists latest song –  another feature supported by the mosaic).

As a result we have some “cheat” features to help fans find the clues after they give a good college try, also clients can “marketing” clues on their Facebook pages by revealing daily clues as in the example below.



Support for Multiple Resolutions:

Hi-Resolution (Fine Detail) –  R3


Low-Resolution (Course Detail) – R1