Yesterday we launched a streaming Tweematic application for Francesca Battistelli’s new song “Strangely Dim”. You can check it out at: or ( This is simple, quick and (cost) effective deployment on our Tweematic platform that leverages some of the platform’s commonly used features to achieve social media success:

  • Facebook and Twitter Sharing: Core feature of the platform, clients can choose either or both options depending on their religious, social media or political persuasions
  •  IFRAME Support: Our Tweematic can pretty much live anywhere. IFRAME integration is strangely simple and our tweematics have been hosted on artist sites, our Tweematic supersite, microsites, Facebook, Drupal, WordPress and more!
  • Streaming Options –  You have Some!: Use our streaming engine or BYSE (Bring your streaming engine), its up to you. This one uses Soundcloud, a quick, effective and legally-blessed option for many of our label partners
  • Your Reporting, our Reporting or Both: We always admire organization with marketing and targeting saavy. In this particular application,, we combine Omniture tracking, Google analytics, Google retargeting plus the Tweematic Analytics Dashboard (see sample below)

Entry Page (Hosted on the Artists Site)
IFRAMED on artist’s site with Twitter and Facebook support and custom tracking features.


Streaming Page (Hosted on the Artists Site)
Features Soundcloud player, Addthis sharing and the usual good stuff.


Tweematic Analytics Dashboard –  Sample Only (Not actual Report)