We just launched unique and innovate Mosaic for Brad Paisley (you can find it at: on this home page or tweematic). The #Wheelhouse Mosaic celebrates the launch of his new album and allows fans to add themselves to the mosaic, as well as search for hidden clues that unlock exclusive content (videos and music). Fans who find all 4 clues also get a chance to enter a sweepstakes to win an autographed guitar!


The mosaic supports both Twitter and Facebook and provides a host of sharing options including Pinterest, Email, Flickr and more! It has basic mobile support (with limited functionality) for fans accessing it from a mobile device (see below).


Fan can browse the mosaic for hidden icons (see help). Once they find a clue, then can click on it to view exclusive content and unlock it.


Supported content types include video (YouTube, Vimeo, FLV), music (MP3, Soundcloud, StreamOS/Akamai), photos (single or gallery) and interactive games. For more about our mosaic platform read the following post: Mosaic Marketing 102, Mosaic Marketing 101