We had a couple of interesting Tweematic application launch this week on the platform. Here is a run down on some of the more interesting ones.

Jerrod Niemann “Radio Network” Tweematic
This unique promotion leverages our platform’s networking capabilities. Visit http://www.tweematic.com/jerrod/, then visit http://go2w.in/niemann-2, http://go2w.in/niemann-4, http://go2w.in/niemann-6, and so on. Notice that each is branded for a specific radio station, complete with Facebook “likes” widget, Twitter follow, links, logos and more!

Main (Non-Sponsored) Tweematic without partner branding and featuring an “Enter Website” button (allowing it to serve as a splash screen)


Partner Version (97.3 Eagle) featuring station’s logo, Facebook “Like” button and Twitter autofollow.


A partner dashboard allows your radio department (or the stations themselves) to get their unique links or short urls! Basically a win-win for marketing that gets radio (and their budget) involved in an artist promotion.