We had a couple of interesting Tweematic application launch this week on the platform. Here is a run down on some of the more interesting ones.

Jerrod Niemann “Radio Network” Tweematic
This unique promotion leverages our platform’s networking capabilities. Visit http://www.tweematic.com/jerrod/, then visit http://go2w.in/niemann-2, http://go2w.in/niemann-4, http://go2w.in/niemann-6, and so on. Notice that each is branded for a specific radio station, complete with Facebook “likes” widget, Twitter follow, links, logos and more!

Main (Non-Sponsored) Tweematic without partner branding and featuring an “Enter Website” button (allowing it to serve as a splash screen)


Partner Version (97.3 Eagle) featuring station’s logo, Facebook “Like” button and Twitter autofollow.


A partner dashboard allows your radio department (or the stations themselves) to get their unique links or short urls! Basically a win-win for marketing that gets radio (and their budget) involved in an artist promotion.


TicketsNow (LiveNation)
TicketNow is a after-market division of our long time customer LiveNation and TicketMaster. This simple but sweet promotion is most interesting in the way it support LiveNation’s COPPA requirements. Many (most) of our clients require our solutions support and comply with COPPA, ESRB and other restrictions –  and they do. We have complete flexibility over age-limits, geo-locking, age-gates and lockouts! Try claiming you are a 13 year old on this Tweematic: http://www.tweematic.com/ticketsnow/ and see if we’ll let you back!


3OH!3 –  #3OH3DAY Scavenger Hunt
We just launched a rather interesting community driven “scavenger-hunt” type application for Atlantic Records artist 3OH!3 to celebrate 3OH!3 Day (March 3rd) by having fans do 303 tasks in order to unlock a new song from the band. Check it out at: http://www.3oh3music.com/3oh3day or http://tweematic.com/30h3 (See Post…)