This unique version of the Tweematic builds a Google map based Heatmap based on user’s geographic locations. This Tweematic was so successfully that it trended worldwide on Twitter within minute of its launch! Heatmap generally work well both globally and nationally (as long as you have the fans to support it). Our Tweematic heatmap has the following key features:

  • Ability to locate and map users on a heatmap
  • Ability to map by different size matrices
  • Ability to customize message based on user location
  • Ability to control intensity of heatmap
  • Support for events and other POIs on the map
  • Ability to customize map look and feel (color, size, i.e.)
  • Support for other mapping solutions (Google Charts, OpenLayers,  Leaflet, i.e.)
  • Support for event and recent tweet list integration
  • Event unlocking capability

The Tweematic automatically locates the users and changes the message (in the Tweet) to match their country (users can override that if they want to). It also uses their IP address to plot them on the interactive heatmap. The Tweematic also pans you to your correct location on the map. This version also features recent tweets and a list of unlocked tour dates (driven by “hotspots” on the map). You can check it out here:


The interactive heatmap is generated and updated dynamically. The system supports different granularity (by city, by state, by country, i.e.) by using different location matrices. For example: we have a global 20K city matrix, a global 10K city matrix, a US 10K city matrix and other configurations depending on the size and location of your fan base.  Zoom and panning can be controlled and it is possible to support global, national and local campaigns.



Events and Tweets
The Tweematic helps build momentum using a near real-time Twitter stream (out of the Tweematic) and unlocking of events in real-time.



Sweepstakes and Data Collection
The Tweematic also gives fans an opportunity to win a free phone call (“Zero-value Sweepstakes”) from the band and asks them to share their email address and mobile number. The mobile numbers automatically to into the Metablocks Text Marketing application for later user.


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