We have talked about the plethora of album reveal options available to artist and labels. In general these include:

  • Single Like-Gate: user likes the page to see the album cover
  • Crowdsourced Like-Gate: when a certain number of users like a page, a part or all of the album cover is unlocked
  • Single Share-Gate: user shares a message on Twitter or Facebook to see the album cover
  • Crowdsourced Share-Gate: when a certain number of users share a message, a part or all of the album cover is unlocked
  • Comprehensive (Multi-Action): user is asked to do multiple actions such as liking, sharing on multiple players, watching videos or listening to music in order to unlock pieces of the album cover
  • Game Driven: users plays a game or solves a puzzle (such as a graphic puzzle) in order to reveal the album cover
  • Time Driven: users are encouraged to share, but album cover is revealed based on a timer
  • See examples…

A album reveal we recently did for Sony Artist Ciara is a great example of our the Crowdsourced Share-Gate option (on Twitter). Here is the unlocked album cover and here is the album cover at 50%. This Tweematic uses our unique pixelated album control that supports both Flash and HTML5 (mobile) environments, comes in two (2) sizes (600px and 800px) and whose speed and progress can be easily configured and controlled!