The response to The Janoskians #NotABoyBand Heatmap Tweematic has been off the charts! Over 2.5M users clicked on the short url, and hundreds of thousands of fans used the application on the first day to try and bring the guys to their city. Shortly after it launched, the hashtag #NotABoyBand quickly trended #1 worldwide on Twitter!

Heatmap Activity
As more and more users within a certain region tweet, the intensity of that region changes color on the heatmap. For those following the campaign, the heatmap continues to intensify as more and more fans participate. Once certain heat thresholds are met, tour events are unlocked in key cities (the event markers on the map) and information is made available to fans as events are either revealed or booked!


Data-Driven Tour Planning
We also provided artist management with reporting and other analytics tools to help understand and use the geographic data collected.  Because of the quantity of data collected and the granularity of the information, we were able to extract important and interesting demographic and geographic data that management could use to decide which cities to consider booking tours in.


Fan-Driven Mania
A search on the hashtag #NotABoyBand will give you sense of how fans have organized the “Get Out the Vote” in their respective countries to try and trend the topic or bring the guys to their country. Here is a video of some of the photos that have been posted as a result of the campaign.