This is one of the more ambitious Tweematic projects we have deployed for long-time client LiveNation. You can check it out for yourselves here at: The ideas is two fold: 1) Allow fans to use our regular Tweematic engine to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a flyaway to see Depeche Mode and 2) encourage fans to upload or capture video, share it with friends, and submit it to a Fan Video gallery.


Webcam Capture Option:
We provide fans with 2 flexible options to capture and submit video. The first involves using their webcam to immediately capture and share video.


File Upload Option:
The second optional allows Fans to upload an existing video. We take care of all the encoding, converstion and storage.


Sharing Via Email:
Once the video is uploaded, fans can choose to share it (the ‘rich email’ contains a thumbnail of the video to encourage a response).


Authentication via Facebook or Twitter
To discourage anonymous or abusive posts, the system asks users to authenticate themselves via a social network before submitting their video entry.


As i mentioned, the sharing component sent out a HTML email to one or more recipients. The rich media nation of the email encourage recipients to respond. The video thumbnail is a nice touch that make the video even more real.


Video Gallery and Moderation:

The application also features a Video gallery that Fan Videos appear in. Although user are authenticated using Facebook or Twitter, an administrator moderates the incoming video and publishes only those that meet the mark!