It is the aspiration of ever one of our Tweematics –  to trend worldwide. It’s not an easy feat. Early this morning, one of our Tweematics for Aussie band The Janoskians started #NotABoyBand trending worldwide, and continued to trend in the United States, Australia and in much of European for most of the morning. It peaked at #2 in the US, but stayed at #1 in Europe and Australia. Congrats to our friends and CAA for helping us make this happen. Built around our new heatmap feature, you can read more about The Janoskians #NotABoyBand Tweematic on our blog.

Trending #1 Worldwide
Today was the day it finally happened. With the right mix of International audience and near perfect timing, #NotABoyBand trended worldwide on Twitter in first place this morning. (Campaign update…)

Here are some of the country specific trends:

Heatmap Tweematic
This unique version of the Tweematic builds a Google map based Heatmap based on a users location. The Tweematic automatically locates the users and changes the message (in the Tweet) to match their country (users can override that if they want to). It also uses their IP address to plot them on the interactive heatmap. The Tweematic also pans you to your correct location on the map. This version also features recent tweets and a list of unlocked tour dates (driven by “hotspots” on the map). You can check it out here:


Sweepstakes and Data Collection
The Tweematic also gives fans an opportunity to win a free phone call (“Zero-value Sweepstakes”) from the band and asks them to share their email address and mobile number. The mobile numbers automatically to into the Metablocks Text Marketing application for later user.


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