Infographics are really all about selling your story with data. Through intuitive data visualization, infographics help you tell your story, drive interest and traffic, and can help amplify your social media presence.  Infographics help convey information and ideas quickly through intuitive visual tools.

When Atlantic Records came to us with an idea for the band Skillet, we saw a unique opportunity to marry our Tweematic’s realtime sharing engine with an infographic layer to create a user and social media driven dynamic web-based infographic application. You can check out the app at: or

The idea is fans share what they are sick of using the hashtag #SickOfIt. Their submission is optionally shared on Facebook or Twitter. The Tweematic engine is not only responsible for the sharing but also collects demographic information on posters including location, gender, social network and other information that is used to drive to infographics. Components include:

  • Word cloud: helps visualize popular keywords
  • Avatar wall: shows the Twitter and Facebook profile photos of recent posters
  • Recent posts: stream of recently posted keywords
  • Interactive map: maps locations of recent posts
  • Top ten lists: lists top keywords and countries
  • Quick facts: donut graphs that show high level metrics like social media networks and user gender