We seem to do a lot with Hunter Hayes recently. Two seasons of the very successfully road race and the Pepsi/CMT/Hunter Hayes LIVE FOR NOW promotions are just some recent examples. This week we launched two more Hunter Hayes applications (see Hunter Hayes/Pepsi Twitter Sweepstakes) including the Hunter Hayes Code Race that builds on the success of the Hunter Hayes Road Race but with a different slant and online only components.

The Code Race race allows Hunter’s fans to complete a set of social media related tasks (following on Facebook or Twitter, sharing on Facebook or Twitter and then subscribing to updates) in order to get a unique single-use pre-sales discount codes that allows them to buy great concert seats before they are available to everyone else through TicketMaster.

Entry Screen:
Fans are required to perform 3 steps. These include

  • Following (or Liking) Hunter Hayes on Facebook or Twitter
  • Sharing a message on Facebook or Twitter
  • Subscribing to updates from Hunter and selecting the tour date of the concert they plan on attending


Code Delivery Screen:
Once a users has completed all 3 steps, the application generates a single-use unique discount code for them. The code is referenced in their cookies to prevent users from getting multiple codes. The code popup also provides uses with instructions on how to redeem their codes.


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