At Metablocks we are BIG fans of reuse and saving clients money (after all, we all know how small these budgets get in the Music industry). Yesterday we launched the Hunter Hayes Code Race (see here…) To save Warner Nashville time and money, we were able to reuse most of the template and functionality to launch a set of 3 “mini” road races the next day. The idea was similar: Users had to complete a set of 3 steps in order to get a clue. The first person who went to the correct CMA booth with the answer to the question, won the prize.

Entry Screen:
Fans are required to perform 3 steps. These include

  • Following (or Liking) Hunter Hayes on Facebook or Twitter
  • Sharing a message on Facebook or Twitter
  • Subscribing to updates from Hunter


Clue Delivery Screen:
Once a users has completed all 3 steps, the application generates the clue.


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