We recently launched a new HTML-5 based streaming Tweematic, ideal for online listening parties, for our long time client Tooth and Nail records. Template driven (to keep their cost down), reusable, and mobile friend, this new Tweematic is worth check out at: http://4musi.cc/ghostship and http://4musi.cc/thealmost

Welcome Screen:
Users are asked to share a message on Facebook or Twitter (via streamlined and simplified user interface) in order to stream the entire album. Template also includes support for pre-order or sales links and partner logos.

Thank You Screen:
After sharing fans can stream the entire album on a mobile-friendly HTML5 secure player (powered by Amazon S3).


Template Driven Design:
Because all Tooth and Nail’s streaming applications are template driven and run off the same hosted server, cost is greatly reduced, as is speed of implementation. Templates can easily be updated by label marketing managers themselves.


IFRAME and Partner Support:
Like other Tweematic solution, this one also supports IFRAMES and embedding on partner sites.