A few weeks ago we promised the arrival of new Vine applications! At Metablocks, we have always tried to stay ahead of the curve. In the past we have launched marketing solutions for new social networks that include Pinterest and Instagram, so we decided early on to be a Vine early adopter, even though it is still early!  Vine is growingly quickly and in fact now has over 13 million users! We built our own custom API (there is no public API available for Vine yet) and went to work. This week we have started to release our first batch of Vine application.

Robert Delong Vine Wall
This was a project we took on for UMG in the UK(we have a growing number of international client in Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Argentine). The idea is that the artist asks fans to enter a UCG contest by submitting Vine videos with a certain hashtag in order to enter. Our job was to build an interactive Vine wall that would aggregate all the entries. We built a couple of versions in our beta program and you can check them out there.

Inline Play Version: View here…
This version has the following features

  • Everlasting scroll feature
  • Inline click-to-play video support
  • HTML5 music player (mobile compatible)

Lightbox Version: View here…
This version has the following features

  • Everlasting scroll feature
  • Video and image lightboxes
  • HTML5 music player (mobile compatible)

Both version support Vine and optionally Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other rich media sources.


Wale: Vine Shapematic Application
We also released a second Vine application today for Altantic Records artist Wale, you can check it out at: http://www.walemusic.com/preorder or http://www.tweematic.com/wale/

Read more about it in this post: Application Spotlight: Wale and the New Shapematic 2.0


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