We recently launched a unique Twitter sweepstakes for UMG Nashville artist Kacey Musgraves that allows fans to take and share photos using a “Photo Booth” webcam widget. You can check out the Tweematic at: http://www.tweematic.com/kaceytrailer/

The campaign comes with mobile support (mobile users can upload photos) and actually publishes a composite of the photo booth pictures (as part of a template) on Twitter!

Main Page:
Fans can enter for a chance to win a Vintage Airstream by sharing a message on Twitter. Our unique “Photo Booth” control takes 3–4 snapshots of users to create a “Lyrics photo template” that get’s shared on Twitter.


Photo Booth Control:
Our unique photo booth control simulates a real photo booth complete with flash, count down and delays. You can watch it in action below:

The resulting photos are taken and turned into a photo template (along with Lyrics from one of Kacey’s songs) and then shared on Twitter along with a message (that links back to the promotion –  helping make it more viral).

Photo Template:
The following is an example of the photo template generate by the Tweematic campaign and shared on Twitter.