We have talked about the beauty and power of the Radio Network Tweematic (Jerrod Niemann, Jason Derulo, i.e.) in the past! The idea is simple and powerful, launch a Tweematic campaign (on Facebook and Twitter) and use hundreds of radio stations to promote!

The Radio Network Tweematic is a true “Trojan Horse” that allows record labels to reach out to 100’s of partners (radio stations, blogs, i.e.) with the offer of co-promoting a campaign –  essentially have the partner “sponsor” the promotion to their constituents. The station simple shares a unique URL with each partner (http://go2w.in/sp-1, http://go2w.in/sp-2, http://go2w.in/sp-3, i.e.). Each of these links takes visitors to a co-branded, sponsored version of the campaign that features the logo of the partner and more importantly forces users to follow BOTH the partner and the artist on Twitter.

Radio stations LOVE Twitter! Many stations believe it’s a good way to increase both ratings and revenue (See Dan O’Day Seminar, 5 Reasons Station Need to be on Twitter, Best Practices, i.e.). Radio stations also LOVE giveaways. The Radio Tweematic helps them accomplish BOTH in a unique way that helps promote your music artist –  as they talk up your artist on air in order to promote a campaign that will net them (and your artist) more Twitter followers, and hopefully more air play!

The Radio Tweematic is a very cost effective (it is only slightly more expensive than a regular Tweematic since we have all the radio stations for most genre’s in our databases).

Here are examples from a recent ongoing campaign for Capitol Record’s Sick Puppies:

105.7 The X Example (See campaign…)


96ROCK Example (See campaign…)


Partner Dashboard:
The record label and their radio team have a Partner Dashboard that list the unique promotional pages/links for each participating partner:

Partner/Radio Station Page:
The radio team is then able to share a unique page/link with the the partner.

Partner Personalization:
The following image demonstrates the level of personalization possible in a Radio Tweematic. These include a personalized link, personalized message (Partner name, Twitter or campaign link), unique partner logo and link, partner Facebook “Like” button (optional) and the ability to follow the partner on Twitter.