New video reveals are almost as popular as album cover reveals!  The concept is simple –  share a message (or in the case of a crowdsourced reveal –  share many messages) and unlock an exclusive new video from the music artist!

We provide two general mechanisms for doing this effectively –  sharing gating (using our Tweematic platform) or like gating (using one of our Facebook applications).  Share gating is by far the most effective approach, however, since it requires everyone to share before they can see the video (this is not the case with like gating).

Here are some recent examples:

Avril Lavigne
Individual share gate allowed fans to preview clips from Avril’s new lyric video.


Kid Ink
This unique video reveal for RCA Recording artist Kid Ink combined a shapematic and tweematic to do a video reveal of his new lyric video. The shapematic (which supports both images and video on Instagram, Vine, Twitter and other social networks) brought in an interesting graphic element that enabled fan interaction and interest even after the reveal was over.


John Mayer #ParadiseValleyFlyaway Sweepstakes
This video reveal for John Mayer’s Live Nation tour also included a sweepstakes element that created a more compelling call to action and allowed the promotion to live for much longer than a traditional video reveal.


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