Recently we revamped and updated our mosaic platform, in part due to changes into the Twitter API. Now functions such as adding yourself or finding yourself are more stream-lined. Here are some of the improved features and functionality:

  • Instagram is now supported as an “Add Me” function
  • Find Me has been optimized to significantly speed up searches
  • The Mosaic engine now uses the new Twitter 1.1 JSON API
  • Support localization (English, Spanish, French, i.e.)
  • We also fully localized it for our Spanish speaking customers in Latin American (Sony Latin, UMG Latin, Britax Mexico)
  • Improved mobile support
  • Improved Facebook integration (See Newsboys and Ceelo Green)
  • Support for simultaneous use on microsites and Facebook tabs
  • Ability to integrate mosaics with our Tweematic platform to run contests and sweepstakes
  • Ability to generate large format prints based on entry in a mosaic promotion
  • Export/sharing via download, email, Pinterest, Flickr and obviously Facebook and Twitter

We have also fully localized our radio request widget for the Spanish language and for use in Mexico specifically (we now have a database of Mexican radio stations and are working on other Latin American countries).