2014 CMT Music Awards are Here


The 2014 CMT Awards are just around the corner, and it’s never too late to get the vote out! Over the years, music labels have successfully helped “Get Out the Vote” by reminding fans to cast their CMT vote using various viral marketing campaigns and promotions. These promotions usually center around a free download or sweepstakes (unrelated to the voting). As fans participate in the promotion, they are reminded of the CMT voting effort. The Tweematic platform provides a cost-effective and efficient way of doing this.

Here are some examples of the Tweematic platform in action.

Here are some CMT-specific campaign examples from past years.






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  • Acm_post_660
    Congrats to Metablocks powered artists George Strait and Justin Moore for winning ACM Entertainer of the Year and ACM New Artist of the Year awards!

    You can find out more about these campaigns here:

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  • We recently launched a Tweet to Download campaign for the Dave Matthews Band here in the US (Read more..) and this week we launched a similar campaign for Live Nation Australia that leverages a lot of the same functionality.  You have done similar campaigns for DMB in the past, with great results so stay tuned for future DMB campaigns that continue to drive the social media presense. You can check it out here:


    Also See:


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  • Recently we have talked about our ACM Get Out the Vote campaigns for a number of finalists in the 2014 ACM awards, including 2 of 3 finalists (Brett Eldredge, Justin Moore) in the New Artist of the Year category, and George Strait as a nominee for Entertainer of the Year. This week, we added a Tweematic-based sweepstakes for Warner Nashville artist Blake Shelton to the mix!

    You can check it out at:

    The idea is to encourage fans to vote for Blake as part the entry process.  The Tweematic was setup as a splash page on Blake’s site (easilly doable using our iframe or subdomain support) in order to maxmize traffic (and votes).




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  • This is a “Claim Your Badge” application we designed and developed for the American Red Cross some time ago.  The application lets donors claim and share a badge on their social media channels.

    Welcome Screen
    The application allows users (verified donors) to claim and share a badge on Facebook.


    Sharing Screen
    The application also encourages donors to share their badge with friends and inspire them to give as well.


    The application allows donors to reach out to as many friends as they wish to help promote the cause.



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  • We have had Twitter Card support in most of our applications, especially those built on our Tweematic platform for several months now. The support works in conjunction with our short URLs.

    Twitter cards are designed to attach rich media experiences to Tweets that link to your content.  Below is an example of a Twitter Card enabled tweet.  Notice the summary and graphic information that shows up under the 140 characters of content.   The flexibility of Twitter Cards allows us to deliver text, graphics and even video content that “breaks” the 140 character limit and does a better job of telling your marketing story!


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  • Francesca Battistelli was on GMA this Thursday! When your artist is going to be on Good Morning America, this is how you promote it! 

    Quick thinking by Francesca’s label and our ability turn around Tweematic projects in less than a day if necessary, allowed them to maximize the PR factor.


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  • Clients love our mosaic platform! We have used mosaics in album-reveals, scavenger hunts, sweepstakes and poster campaigns.  This mosaic campaign (check it out at: for Motown Gospel artist Tye Tribbett is aimed at creating a mosaic poster (see our post on large format mosaics) to feature in his merch store.


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  • For some reason, we have had a stream of album and single cover reveals in the new year, about 6 just in the first two weeks! We like exclusive content reveals because when used correctly they are a great way to grow your social numbers such as Twitter followers and Facebook Likes.

    The idea is simple –  share a message on Twitter or Facebook (we also have Like-gated content reveal applications on Facebook as well). These content reveals are either immediate (so you get to see the cover after you share) or crowdsourced (you need a certain number of people to share before the cover is revealed). Here are some recent examples:

    Cole Swindell





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  • Yes, you can 25 days of Christmas, 12 Days of Christmas or simply 10 Days of Christmas! This holiday promotion from Zico (now part of Coca Cola) is a simple advent style campaign built on our tweematic engine!


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