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The Los Angeles-based Academy of Country Music (ACM) was founded in 1964 and hosts a prestigious award show each year in March or April.  Like other music awards shows, the ACM over the years has added fan voting categories, that allow fans to weight in and vote for their favorite artists online. These include the Entertainer of the Year and the New Artist of the Year categories! This year voting starts on March 19, 2012 and the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards show airs Sunday, April 1.

Over the years, music labels have successfully helped “Get Out the Vote” by reminding fans to cast their ACM vote using different viral marketing campaigns and promotions.  These promotions usually center around a free download or sweepstakes (unrelated to the voting). As fans participate in the promotion, they are reminded of the ACM voting effort.  The Tweematic platform provides a cost-effective and efficient way of doing this.

Here are just a small handful of ACM-specific examples from past years.













Mosaic-Based Scavenger Hunts

We do a lot of scavenger hunts on Facebook, Twitter and offline (mobile scavenger hunts that leverage QR codes). Our latest scavenger hunt option is made available through our new, cool and innovative Mosaic platform. The idea is simple, hide icons (needles as we call them) in a mosaic (haystack) and allow fans to find and collect exclusive content pieces embedded in the mosaic. While fans search for clues, the Mosaic platform allows you to play music (or loops) in the background, and expose fans to other calls to action (pre-order banners, i.e.).

We recently implement a Mosaic scavenger hunt for the band Thousand Foot Krutch (visit).  Hidden within their mosaic were five icons that opened exclusive content pieces that includes videos, music tracks (songs) and photos.


Clicking on the correct icon would open the “badge” or token and the exclusive content associated with it within the mosaic.  Fans would then be able to save, collect and share (on Facebook and Twitter) their badges online. Once they had collected all 5 badges, the would be able to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes.


The platform support various types of exclusive content media such as videos (YouTube, Vimeo or Flash FLV), audio (MP3 or secure streams), photos (JPG, PNG and GIF) and even custom games or puzzles.



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  • Mosaics are a great way to fuel fan engagement and reveal exclusive content such as album covers. The natural inclination is to reveal the album tile by tile as fans share the message, but regardless of the size of an artist’s fan base, this approach doesn’t work very well for a number of reasons:

    • Fans prefer immediate gratification, not a future “pay off”
    • Without enough fans or momentum, the process can take weeks, or worse, lose steam entirely

    The MYCHILD MYBRIDE Mosaic demonstrates a slightly better approach: Give fans the immediate gratification of revealing the cover, but require them to share first in order to see it.  This appoach of share-gating the album cover (or other exclusive content) and combining it with a fan-generated mosaic (tied to a hashtag), may prove more effective and a better return on investement (ROI).

    Initial Welcome “Share-Gate” Screen:
    Dynamic “preview” prompts fans to share a message on Facebook or Twitter in order to reveal the album cover.

    Fan-Generated Album Cover Mosaic
    Enables fan to become a part of the album cover reveal experience as well as to view the cover (or download the cover or mosaic).

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  • There are a couple of options for doing album reveals on Twitter that range from the simple to the more complex. Each option supports “share-gating”, forcing users to share a message on either Twitter or Facebook before they can reveal the album cover. The same approaches can be used with other exclusive content (such as photos, videos, i.e.)

    • Basic – Similar to the Black Eyed Peas example below, users share a message to view the album cover (See Black Eyed Peas)
    • Advanced – Similar to the Black Eyed Peas example but with data collection and comprehensive sharing (See Stereos)
    • Mosaic – Enhances user experience by enabling fans to become part of the cover mosaic as well as reveal or download it (See MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE)




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  • Adding the ability to save & share your high score via Twitter or Facebook, is a great to make social gaming apps more viral.  We recently added a social media score board and sharing capabilities to the interactive video and game from We The Kings.

    Sharing Applications:
    Below are the Twitter and Facebook version of the score sharing applications


    Facebook Leaderboard:
    We worked with S-Curve’s video partners to integrate the sharing functionality directly into the We The Kings video/video game. Users who successfully played the game were able to share their high scores to the leader board via Twitter or Facebook. The sharing application forced players to share their score (through the social media channel of their choice) in order to get on the leaderboard. We also create an iframe version of the leaderboard that was accessible through the band’s website. You can try the game for yourself by clicking here.


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  • SoundCloud Integration

    SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform which allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings.  A number of our music label partners use SoundCloud to promote their artist tracks. All of our social media application platforms make it easy to integrate third-party widgets and API into both Facebook and Twitter applications. Our goal is to give our clients great flexibility when it comes to application deployment. To that end, we have made it very simple to incorporate SoundCloud widgets into all of our applications. Here are some examples below.

    Tweematic (Twitter Wall) with SoundCloud widget:


    Facebook Album Premiere Application with SoundCloud widget:


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